A change maker in AI enabled healthcare operations

Increase throughput & decrease cost

Sach Analytics provides AI driven predictive analytics into your hospital


Increase Patient Flow

Predict patient volume demand and available bed capacity up to 72 hours in advance with up to 95% accuracy


Increase Staff Productivity

Match demand to resource allocation and staffing using predictive volume and acuity to get ahead of productivity 


Reduce Patient Wait Times / LOS

Use highly accurate patient specific & facility specific LOS predictions to prioritize discharges and take decisions early

Analytics are delivered through easy to understand BI Visualizations custom made for y0ur operation- So you can manage effortlessly


The tools we use to make change, leverage the latest capabilities in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and AI with direct integration to Business Intelligence visualizations 

Our Technology Philosophy


Lean Process



The Integration of AI into your specific operation is achieved using custom BI visualizations and Lean process philosophy - Seamless Tech To Enable Results

Backups in the emergency department occur due to demand vs capacity mismatch upstream with patients discharging from the facility hours after they have been deemed clinically ready.


Sach Analytics incorporates millions of data points including clinical data, facility operational data and physician behavior data to predict estimated discharge at time of admission and throughout stay to allow stakeholders to prioritize their tasks to drive patient discharge

Labor cost is a function of Volume + Acuity Of Patients + Process.  In today's world where volume is highly dynamic based on macro level factors such as pandemics it is difficult to gauge the required resource level effectively


Sach Analytics uses facility specific internal volume, acuity data and dynamic public data data to predict demand into the emergency department by hour with up to 95% accuracy and admission demand into inpatient units with up to 90% accuracy 73 hours ahead

Numbers alone are not effective, it must be portrayed in a way that is useful and intuitively tells a story.  

Through the use of BI Visualizations, our clients have turned mountains of data into easy to digest stories that are role specific to enable fast, targeted action at the right time by the right role

Change your hospital capability and integrate AI into your operations