Decrease Cost + Increase Patient  Utilization


Incorporate AI into daily operations to increase efficiency and clinical outcome 

Increase Productivity

Increase service while decreasing labor cost - Use AI to predict volume and patient acuity: Allocate resources to where they will be needed most


Decrease wait times and increase capacity - Use AI to predict LOS, Volume, Bed Availability, Acuity, Resource Availability: Plan proactively using future intelligence 

Supply Chain 

Use AI to predict demand from organization level to a single SKU with up to 95% accuracy: Align supply and demand rhythms to decrease inventory on hand while eliminating stock outs and expiry

Analytics are delivered through easy to understand BI Visualizations custom made for y0ur operation- So you can manage effortlessly


The tools we use to make change, leverage the latest capabilities in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and AI with direct integration to Business Intelligence visualizations 

Our Technology Philosophy


Lean Process



The Integration of AI into your specific operation is achieved using custom BI visualizations and Lean process philosophy - Seamless Tech To Enable Results
Healthcare Facility Specific Predictive Analytics & AI

Labor cost is a function of Volume + Acuity Of Patients + Process.  If Volume and Patient Acuity / Need can be predicted accurately, administrators can match staffing levels with patient demand. 


Sach Analytics incorporates the predictive analytics in an easy to use visual dashboard that is then integrated to your specific process and operation in a hospital, outpatient facility, or home health agency.

Outpatient scheduling efficiency for infusion centers, physician group practices, or day procedure centers is a massive undertaking, let our algorithms take into account all the factors to generate the most efficient schedule that increases capacity while keeping staffing plateaued 

Let Sach Analytics understand your specific operation & data to incorporate an AI designed schedule to increase capacity by up to 20%

Numbers alone are not effective, it must be portrayed in a way that is useful and intuitively tells a story.  

Through the use of BI Visualizations, our clients have turned mountains of data into easy to digest stories resulting in decreased inventory by 30% in a major multi site hospital to increase in quality and service metrics  in the UK NHS trusts

Increase Quality, Service, Productivity - Decrease Cost : AI For Healthcare
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